This is my complete collection of David Bowie and Tin Machine media, none of the items listed are for sale or trade, this list is merely for reference and the interest of fellow collectors (although I could probably clear my overdraft if I flogged it all!)


"David Bowie" 1969 Philips UK gatefold
"The World Of David Bowie" 1970 Decca 'curly hair' sleeve
"The World Of David Bowie" 1972 Decca 'Ziggy' sleeve
"The Man Who Sold The World" 1970 Mercury cowboy sleeve
"The Man Who Sold The World" 1972 RCA orange label with poster and lyric bag
"The Man Who Sold The World" 1990 Rykodisc clear vinyl 2LP in 'man's dress' gatefold sleeve
"Hunky Dory" 1971 RCA orange label with lyric insert
"Hunky Dory" 1984 RCA picture disc in die-cut sleeve
"Hunky Dory" 1997 'EMI 100' reissue with restored original packaging, VERY nice!
"Ziggy Stardust" 1972 RCA orange label with lyric bag
"Ziggy Stardust" 1984 RCA picture disc in die-cut sleeve
"Ziggy Stardust" 1990 Rykodisc Press Kit (promo-only, replica LP plus CD and press kit)
"Ziggy Stardust" 1997 'EMI 100' reissue with original packaging
"Space Oddity" 1972 RCA orange label with poster and lyric bag
"Aladdin Sane" 1973 RCA orange label with gatefold, lyric bag and fan club application form
"Aladdin Sane" 1984 RCA picture disc in die-cut sleeve
"Aladdin Sane" 1999 'EMI Millennium' reissue with original gatefold and lyrics bag
"Images 1966-1967" 1973 German Decca 2LP with comic-strip gatefold
"Pin Ups" 1973 RCA orange label with insert
"Pinups" 1984 picture disc in die-cut sleeve
"Diamond Dogs"1974 RCA orange label gatefold
"Diamond Dogs"1984 RCA picture disc in die-cut sleeve
"Slaughter On 10th Avenue" (MICK RONSON) 1974 RCA orange label with 6" flexidisc and small (3 square inches) sticker
"Weren't Born A Man" (DANA GILLESPIE) 1974 RCA orange label with lyric insert
"David Live" 1974 RCA orange label 2LP with laminated gatefold and special price code
"Young Americans" 1975 RCA Canada khaki label
"Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle" (DANA GILLESPIE) 1975 RCA orange label gatefold - last non-Bowie product to feature the MainMan logo. "Station To Station" 1976 RCA Canada khaki label with credits printed on inner bag
"Changesonebowie" 1976 RCA Canada khaki label
"Changesonebowie" 1976 RCA UK orange label
"The Wembley Wizard Touches The Dial" infamous bootleg LP
"Low" 1977 RCA orange label with insert
"The Idiot" (IGGY POP) RCA International reissue, sleeve states 'Produced by DAVID BOWIE'
"Heroes" 1977 RCA orange label with lyric insert
"Stage" 1978 RCA orange label 2LP - limited edition YELLOW VINYL
"Peter And The Wolf" 1978 RCA Red Seal green vinyl with insert
"Lodger" 1979 RCA orange label with gatefold sleeve and lyric insert
"Scary Monsters & Super Creeps" 1980 RCA orange label with lyric insert
"Best Of Bowie" 1980 K-Tel compilation
"Christiane F" 1981 RCA German soundtrack album
"Changestwobowie" 1981 RCA compilation, with illustrated inner sleeve
"Live At The Tower Philadelphia" 1982 RCA Holland (badly edited) compilation of "David Live" highlights
"Cat People" 1982 MCA soundtrack album
"Bowie Rare" 1982 RCA compilation (UK pressing) with lyric bag
"Portrait Of A Star" 1983 RCA France 3LP box set of Lodger, Heroes and Low with two inserts, a really nice item!
"Let's Dance" 1983 EMI America with lyric bag
"Let's Dance" 1983 EMI America picture disc
"Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture" 1983 RCA 2LP with gatefold sleeve
"Tonight" 1984 EMI America album with lyric bag
"Tin Machine" 1989 EMI America album with lyric bag
"Live Machination" 1989 Gotham Records bootleg double album
"Sound & Vision" 1989 Rykodisc box set - 3x2LP in clear vinyl
"Black Tie White Noise" 1993 Savage/Arista album with inner sleeve and poster
"The Singles Collection" 1993 EMI triple album with lyric insert
"Santa Monica Live 1972" Trident/Mainman Golden Years clear vinyl 2LP
"Excerpts From 1. Outside" 1995 RCA album with booklet
"Earthling" 1997 RCA album (still in shrinkwrap) with postcard and poster


"John I'm Only Dancing" (France)
"Life On Mars?"
"Sorrow" (Portugal)
"Diamond Dogs" (Spain)
"Fame" (Spain)
"Space Oddity/Changes/Velvet Goldmine"
"Sound And Vision" (Germany)
"Be My Wife" (Spain)
"Heroes" (Japan)
"Helden" (Germany)
"Beauty and the Beast"
"Breaking Glass"
"Boys Keep Swinging" (Germany)
"DJ" - green vinyl
"Alabama Song" - poster sleeve
"Crystal Japan" - Japanese 7"
"John I'm Only Dancing (Again)"
"John I'm Only Dancing (Again)" - 12"
"Fashion" - 12"
"Fashion" - 12" (Germany)
"Scary Monsters" - 12" (Germany)
"Up The Hill Backwards"
"Wild Is The Wind"
"Wild Is The Wind" - 12"
"Bertolt Brecht's BAAL"
"BAAL" - 12" (Canada)
"Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy"
"Fashions" - set of ten picture disc singles in plastic folder
"Cat People" - 12"
"Let's Dance"
"China Girl"
"China Girl" - picture disc
"Modern Love"
"Lifetimes" --- I have ALL BUT ONE of the twenty 'Lifetimes' picture sleeve singles (I am lacking Space Oddity). The B side of my pressing of Rebel Rebel plays Song For Bob Dylan instead of Queen Bitch!
"White Light/White Heat"
"Blue Jean" - blue vinyl (America)
"Blue Jean" - 12"
"Loving The Alien" - gatefold
"Loving The Alien" - 12" gatefold with poster
"Dancing In The Streets"
"Dancing In The Streets" - 12"
"Absolute Beginners"
"Absolute Beginners" - picture disc
"Absolute Beginners" - gatefold 12"
"When The Wind Blows"
"Day In Day Out" - limited edition box set with red vinyl single, sticker sheet and foldout sheet
"Time Will Crawl"
"Time Will Crawl" - poster sleeve, nice '80s pix
"Never Let Me Down" - 12"
"Under The God"
"Under The God" - 10"
"Under The God" - 12"
"Under The God" - 12" US promo, same track on both sides
"Maggie's Farm" - numbered gatefold
"Maggie's Farm" - poster sleeve 12"
"Maggie's Farm" - shaped picture disc
"Prisoner Of Love" - 12"
"Fame 90" - Changes Pack (7" single in envelope sleeve with three great prints)
"Fame 90" - 'Arthur Baker Mixes' DJ 12"
"Fame 90" - picture disc
"Pretty Pink Rose"
"You Belong In Rock & Roll"
"You Belong In Rock & Roll" - 12" with streamer
"Baby Universal" - 12" with print
"Jump They Say" - set of two promo 12" singles
"Black Tie White Noise" - promo 12" (BLACK 1)
"Miracle Goodnight" - promo 12" (MG 1)
"Hearts Filthy Lesson" - picture disc 12"
"Strangers When We Meet" - turquoise vinyl
"Hallo Spaceboy" - dayglo pink vinyl
"Seven Years In Tibet" - clear vinyl
"Pallas Athena" - 'Tao Jones Index' ultra-rare 12"
"Survive" - picture disc in PVC wallet


"You Belong In Rock & Roll" - picture CD
"You Belong In Rock & Roll" - in metal tin with streamer
"Baby Universal" - in metal tin
"Real Cool World"
"Jump They Say" - 2-part CD with 8 page chronology booklet
"Black Tie White Noise"
"Miracle Goodnight"
"The Buddha Of Suburbia"
"The Buddha Of Suburbia" - holographic limited edition
"Hearts Filthy Lesson" (American import) - features "Nothing To Be Desired"
"Strangers When We Meet"
"Hallo Spaceboy"
"Telling Lies"
"Little Wonder" - promo and CD2
"Dead Man Walking" - promo and CD2
"Seven Years In Tibet"
"I'm Afraid Of Americans" (America-only)
"I Can't Read" (German import)
"Thursday's Child" - promo version
"Survive" - CD1 and CD2
"Seven" - CD1 with postcards, CD2 and CD3


"The Deram Anthology" (Deram, 1997)
"Love You Till Tuesday" (Pickwick, 1992)
"Space Oddity", "Hunky Dory", "David Live", "Young Americans", "Station To Station", "Stage", "Scary Monsters", "The Motion Picture" (all EMI, with bonus tracks, 1990-1992)
"Ziggy Stardust", "Aladdin Sane", "Pinups", "Low", "Heroes", "Lodger" (all Ryko, with bonus tracks, 1990-1991)
"The Man Who Sold the World" (Ryko Au20 gold CD, with numbered certificate, 1995)
"Let's Dance", "Tonight", "Never Let Me Down" (Virgin America, with bonus tracks, 1995)
"Tin Machine" (EMI USA, original UK CD, 1989)
"Tin Machine II" - (Victory/JVC, American censored sleeve, 1991)
"Black Tie White Noise" (Savage/Arista/BMG, 1993)
"The Buddha Of Suburbia" (Arista/BMG, original UK version, 1993)
"The Singles Collection" (EMI, UK version, 1993)
"Rarest One Bowie" (Trident/Mainman, 1994)
"Santa Monica 1972" (Griffin, American version with free 7" single, 1994)
"1.Outside" (RCA/BMG, limited edition digipak/booklet version, 1995)
"Earthling" (RCA/BMG, 1997)


"The Forgotten Songs Of David Robert Jones" (SPQR, 1997)
"Missing Links One Ziggy" (ICON, 1996)


"Sound + Vision" aluminium CD rack designed to house Rykodisc reissues
"Sound + Vision Tour 1990" glossy A3 programme
"Outside European Tour" programme with opaque dust jacket
"Record Mirror" 1972 special, A3 with full colour sleeve
"David Bowie Fan Club Newsletter", June 1976
"Isolar '76" tour programme
"The Man Who Fell To Earth" Movie tie-in paperback (cover painting by George Underwood)
"Just A Gigolo" Movie tie-in paperback
"Recommended Viewing and Listening" - RCA shop window display, 1977
"The Elephant Man" programme
HMV prints for Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World and Hunky Dory
"The Bowie Companion" (Elizabeth Thompson and David Gutman, 1993, hardback)
"Alias David Bowie" (Peter & Leni Gillman, 1986, hardback)
"Backstage Passes" (Angie Bowie, 1993, paperback)
"Loving The Alien" (Chris Sanford, 1997, paperback)
"David Bowie Profile" (Chris Charlesworth, 1981, softback)
"Changes" (Stuart Hoggard, 1983, pocket book)
"Stardust" (Henry Edwards and Tony Zanetta, 1986, paperback)
"Moonage Daydream" (Dave Thompson, 1987, large format softback)
"Glass Idol" (David Currie, 1987, paperback)
"Bowie: An Illustrated Discography" (Charles Shaar Murray and Roy Carr, 1981)
"Complete Guide To The Music Of David Bowie" (David Buckley, 1987, CD-sized book)
"Strange Fascination" (David Buckley, 1999)