"Portrait of a star" - a gorgeous three-album box of the Berlin trilogy. The album sides are labelled from 1 to 6 like a classical music box set. Also includes two inserts. The "Day in Day out" box sets includes a clear red vinyl single, a sheet of stickers featuring the 1987 logos, and a foldout frieze hyping the Never Let Me Down album. "I Dig Everything" is a nice box set of Bowie's three singles recorded for Pye in 1966, with '60s-style sleeves with Bowie in his mod phase. Finally, two Tin Machine CD singles in circular tins - "You Belong In Rock N Roll" and "Baby Universal".

In 1989 Rykodisc released a beautiful boxed set "Sound And Vision" full of rare and unreleased material, beautifully packaged in a silkscreened perspex case. Here is the six-album vinyl set and the compact disc edition with booklet, three CDs plus CD Video.