Some pictures from the last FND (Friday Night Disco) of my second year, at the indie disco in Rattlers. The second year was definitely the best of the lot, and I had a lot of good laughs and met some great people. Most of the people in these pictures went off to do a year in industry after this, so it was definitely the end of an era.

Stephen and Mat giving a fine demonstration the classic 'invisible maraca/monkey man' indie dance

Jon (appearing to have smelt a ripe fart). Note the Curly Haired Twat to the left

Thom "He's The Greatest Dancer" Froggatt in a rare moment off the dance floor

'The Two Chrises'. Not quite sure what's going on here....

Paul, Dan, Mat and me with Ziggy-style Red Hot Red barnet

FND double act Kellie and Jill

Speaking of farts...Mat maximises the comedy potential of dry ice machines!

Scary Chris and Stephen

Stephen helping Thom cool off...